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Case Study

Swiss food manufacturer, Coop, uses Loftware NiceLabel to standardize labeling

Swiss food manufacturer Coop, a major retailer with extensive operations in Europe, adopted Loftware NiceLabel to standardize its labeling practices. Coop faced unique language demands, compelling the need to print labels in three different languages based on regional locations. Previously, the company grappled with multiple labeling systems, resulting in a lack of standardization, heavy IT burden, and challenges in quality assurance.

 With the implementation of NiceLabel's Label Management System, Coop achieved:

  • Centralized control and standardization, allowing for more accurate and consistent labels.
  • Streamlined label change and approval processes enhanced security and simplified workflows for the company.
  • Complying with regional and regulatory requirements utilizing NiceLabel's specialized allergen and nutrition functionality 

Coop plans to expand the standardized label printing solution to its in-house bakeries to ensure uniform labeling practices across its operations. Read the full story! 

  • SAP
  • Regulatory
  • FDA

Thank you! You can read the paper here: [[PDF]]

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For additional details see the Loftware Privacy Policy